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Our Story



“Smart Solutions to Simplify Your Life” 

In short, our story is a simple one. The product concept was invented from a terrible experience that happened not once, but twice… With no nightstand on his side of the bed, Dan used to place his glass of water and his phone plugged in to charge on the floor. One night he reached for a glass of water to quench his thirst and accidentally spilled it on the floor, damaging his cell phone. That’s when he decided to get a nightstand… the second time it happened, he reached for a glass of water in the middle of the night -- it spilled and damaged his cell phone along with the items and finish on his nightstand. Each incident was a costly disaster. Out of frustration and the need to correct the problem, an idea was born. Collaborating with brother Ed, the ideas began to flow; and the concept of a “smart shelf” was born and perfected. Once shared with family and friends, we knew we had a novel idea.

For the past year and a half, we have been working with dozens of people perfecting the idea for the perfect solution. It was important to create something effortless to install, easy to use; environmentally friendly; and something convenient and reliable enough to securely keep a phone, and hold a drink in place. The journey has been long perfecting our product, but we wanted to make sure we did everything right. We applied for a patent, and we put a lot of work into designing and building the first prototypes.

We instituted the assistance of the EDA, and took advantage of their business incubator “The Underground” - which is part of the SmartZone network - collaborating with regional partners and competing in regional product competitions where Smart Shelf won (3) consecutive 1st Place awards. With our patent being issued we are now on our way to reaching all our goals.



We focused diligently and researched problems that are common in the marketplace, adapting solutions into our product that would solve a variety of problems with one multifunctional product. We realize we can’t change the world, or the addiction that people have with their smartphones, or the problems many of us face with limited spaces, keeping personal items within reach or preventing drink spills; but we can offer a solution to these problems that many of us have...

After experiencing these very same problems ourselves and realizing we weren’t the only ones clamoring for a solution, we decided to create a better solution to meet our needs. As we dove in and researched more, we learned roughly 87% of adults in the US have their phones at their side 22 hours per day and 53% of children and teens actually keep or charge their phones “in” bed under their pillow or fall asleep with it in their hands. We realized we couldn’t stop the behavior, but we knew there had to be a better solution for limited spaces, placement of personal items and electronic devices. After rounds of trial and error and product revisions, The Smart Shelf was born.  

Driven by our enthusiasm and our love of the Mouse, we perfected the idea.  We then journeyed out to seek approval and licensing from the Walt Disney Company. Although the process wasn’t easy, our product was accepted by one of Disney’s licensees. The concept was well received and our patented Disney-themed product was approved and licensed – The Disney Smart Shelf Collection was created in time for Mickey’s 90th Anniversary! The Mickey Smart Shelf is a multi-purpose furniture platform that functions as a nightstand & snack tray - offering optional beverage holder and push-button LED nightlight – reading light - flashlight - all in one that easily slides under mattresses and cushioned furniture.


Commemorating Mickey's 90th Birthday Celebration!

Mickey Mouse is recognized as a worldwide symbol of wholesome family entertainment. Our patented design is perfect for Disney enthusiasts of all ages - from children to adults! Our versatile multi-purpose platform comes in two versions - the iconic silhouette Mickey that is a perfect mix and match item to a wide variety of Disney home products already available at the Disney Home Store; and a second version with the lovable face children of all ages adore. The Mickey Smart Shelf can be used as a snack tray to hold plates of food, bowls of popcorn or your favorite snacks while watching TV and offers convenient drink holders for your favorite beverages to prevent spills. It can also be used as a nightstand with enough shelf space to keep your personal items, books and toys within reach; securely holding your drink at the bedside to prevent spills, and offers a removable battery-operated LED nightlight that doubles as a reading light or flashlight if the need arises. 

Now you can enjoy the most-loved character that captures the hearts of both young and old alike simply by sliding the shelf under any mattress or cushioned furniture. The MICKEY SMART SHELF is perfect in the bedroom, the living room, a hotel room or anywhere you need an instant shelf to hold beverages and prevent spilling without the need for snack trays, tables or coasters. The patented MICKEY SMART SHELF is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to install. No tools required and best of all its lightweight and portable so you can take it on the go.

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